Italian Food adventure

A proposal that celebrate traditional recipes of Italy

Historical introduction and information about raw materials.
Then everybody in an individual cooking workstation will personally prepare and cook lasagne, gnocchi, and risotto following our chef in the kitchen.
Make the green pasta dough (soft wheat flour, eggs, and spinach), and cut the lasagne shape; prepare the Bolognese sauce (ragu), prepare the besciamella, add Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, boil and then cook lasagne in the oven;
Make the gnocchi dough and with a knife and a little will curl the gnocchi; prepare a typical Italian sauce (tomato or vegetables or cheese), boil and cook the gnocchi;
Cook the risotto with seasonal vegetables or cheese sauce.

At the end lunch tasting with risotto, gnocchi and lasagne served with local typical Romagna Sangiovese DOC wine or Romagna Albana DOCG wine, waters. Dessert or fresh seasonal fruits.

hands-on cooking class (traditional italian first courses like risotto, gnocchi and lasagne) and tasting lunch
about 4-5 hours

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