Cooking Classes infos

Additional options for every cooking class format

  • Option lunch/dinner at Restaurant Casa Artusi (menu to be defined with your pasta made during cooking class) – this option is possible only when the Restaurant is open – if you prefer a formal service (NO POSSIBLE FOR FORMAT 4 AND 5 where you can taste your recipes served by our chefs)
  • Option Italian Aperitivo – you can start the food experience tasting the typical spritz or a sparkling wine
  • The menu of the cooking class can be change in according to your taste – please do not hesitate to ask for additional requests
  • Option visit the farmers’ market and lunch tasting only on Thursday am when in Forlimpopoli takes place the weekly farmers’ market with local and organic food
  • On request “Legendary flavors of pasta in Emilia-Romagna” - Anolini, tortellini and Cappelletti the most famous filled pasta in food valley region

The symbol * indicates that the field is required.