Handmade Piadina Romagnola

Piadina Romagnola: the typical flat bread of Romagna

Piadina is the local flat bread.
Everybody in Romagna eat Piadina, every day!
And it has become a very popular street food.

Historical introduction about the “bread of Romagna”, information about raw materials (soft wheat flour type 1 or organic, Sweet Salt of Cervia, Mora Romagnola pork fat or Extra Vergine Olive Oil); first the demo: people will see how to prepare and cook piadina on the typical clay cooking pans (called Teglie di Montetiffi) and of course taste it! Then everybody in an individual cooking work station will prepare the piadina dough, stretch the piadina with the rolling pin and cook it! Then Piadina will be tasted together with Squacquerone di Romagna PDO (local fresh cheese).

“piadina” hands-on cooking class
and tasting
about 2 hours

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