Cookery School

This is where the hands of the inquisitive meet the culture of know-how and painstaking attention to the quality of local products. Lively and much enjoyed, the School shares that which is the very essence of our courses. Those in the kitchen meet, get to know each other and experiment with personal memories and innovations. During the courses, products of excellence narrate the story of the territory, that of the women and men who cultivated and produced them, telling of uses in the distant past and new tastes. One becomes excited at the sight of food prepared and cooked with one’s own hands. Entering the School means embarking on a journey through space and time and, with that same open mind, rediscovering authentic flavours.

“The best teacher
is practice.” Pellegrino Artusi

All the courses at Casa Artusi include a cultural introduction to the values of Artusi and an in-depth study of the quality of local raw materials.
Several of the most important cooking masters on the national restaurant scene liaise with us and are asked to express their professionalism through their memories of home cookery.

Cooking classes

Handmade Piadina Romagnola

the typical flat bread of Romagna

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Pasta che passione!

Typical Italian homemade fresh pasta

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Traditional homemade pasta

on Stanley tucci footsteps

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Italian Food Adventure

a proposal that celebrate traditional recipes of Italy

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The italian menu with Artusi

and lunch tasting

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“Cooking is a troublesome sprite. Often it may drive you to despair. Yet it also very rewarding” Pellegrino Artusi

Our kitchen,
your kitchen

Our kitchen has 20 individual stations, fully equipped and with hobs for practical courses, and in the front station it can accommodate up to 30 people for demonstration courses. It is also equipped with a central island to follow our cooking masters step by step.

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