Just as the work of decent, honest cook Marietta Sabatini was fundamental for Pellegrino Artusi, and indeed remembered by the famous gastronome in his will, the work of the Associazione delle Mariette is irreplaceable for Casa Artusi. This association pursues the aims specified in the statute of promoting home cookery and popular gastronomic traditions through research, communication and training, with particular attention to traditional cookery from Emilia-Romagna.

This work has been carried out through research, by spreading information, organising cookery courses and study workshops, conferences and exhibitions and other events linked to spreading the word about traditional gastronomy.

The Associazione delle Mariette has around 140 members, both women and men, and plays a fundamental role at the Casa Artusi Cookery School. “Le Mariette” liaise with the School, drawing on their own home cookery experience, and teach practical courses, working alongside course participants. Le Mariette are specialised teachers, coaching participants with more than just words.