The library

“Man cannot live on bread alone”

The Pellegrino Artusi Library

The Casa Artusi library has around 45 thousand books, and houses the Biblioteca Civica di Forlimpopoli (Forlimpopoli Council Library), the Collezione Artusiana (Artusi Collection) and Raccolta di Gastronomia Italiana (Italian Gastronomy Collection).

Besides various editions of La Scienza in Cucina and literature about the well-known gastronomist, the Collezione Artusiana consists in an archive and library which once belonged to Pellegrino Artusi, and which he bequeathed to Forlimpopoli Town Council upon his death.

Several of Artusi’s possessions from his drawing-room and study for example, are also on show in the library.

The Raccolta di Gastronomia Italiana (Italian Gastronomy Collection) features an extensive collection of books, magazines, films and other multimedia documents on food culture, with special reference to home cookery. The library has 6 workstations with internet access for visitors to use.