Cookery school

“The best teacher is practice” (Pellegrino Artusi)

The Casa Artusi Cookery School is open both for food lovers aiming to improve their cooking ability, and professionals wanting to better their skills in one specific area of catering.

Some of the most important names in national catering liaise with the Cookery School, and Casa Artusi asks professional teachers to coach course participants using their knowledge of domestic cookery.

The Associazione delle Mariette has the invaluable task of teaching traditional Romagnolo home cookery, including fresh, home-made pasta and piadina (the local flat bread).

All Casa Artusi courses feature a cultural introduction and an in-depth study of the quality of the ingredients used.

Casa Artusi’s scheduled cooking classes are in Italian. We do organize, upon request, cooking classes demonstrations or hands-on, in English and other languages for 1 up to 20 people.

The school has a teaching hall with 20 workstations fully equipped for practical courses, and can also accommodate up to 30 course participants for demonstrations.

Proposed activities include:
  • practical courses for preparing traditional Emiliano Romagnolo and Italian home cooking dishes
  • lessons about menu preparation, using top quality ingredients
  • meetings to discover and taste both wine and food


Please feel free to contact us and tell us what kind of cooking experience you would like to have.
We will be pleased to send you few proposals together with all the information to book and our cancellation policy.

Contact Casa Artusi cookery school:

tel. +39 0543 74.31.38
mob. +39 349 84.01.818